Individual Membership

The Women’s Bond Club welcomes women who are entrepreneurs in the financial services industry, or who are employed in smaller boutique or specialty firms. Entrepreneurial women are at the heart of our mission statement to promote and support leadership. Becoming an individual member is simple, and it gives you a new way to connect to the entire spectrum of financial services firms. If you have over 5 years in the financial services industry, all that is needed is to submit an application, attend two events, and obtain two letters of recommendation from existing Women’s Bond Club members. In fact, many of our individual members obtain their recommendations from people whom they met at their first two events!

To begin the process, you can apply online by clicking here, or you can contact the co-chairs of our Membership Committee: Liz Fischer or Suzanne O’ Alternatively, you can also contact our Membership Coordinator, Jennifer Bracco

Individual membership costs $250 per year and provides excellent value. You can attend all events at no charge, except for the Merit Award Dinner.

Come and find out what we’re all about – not only will you get exposure to all of our educational and charitable giving activities, but chances are that you’ll make new friends as well.